"The last time you gave Space Mountain a try, you were 9 and not all that thrilled about the experience. (Neither was Mickey, after you barfed all over his shoes on the way out.) Maybe it's time to give it another whirl. We're talking about the new band Space Mtn (no relation to the theme park). Their debut album, A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You, features sounds in the family of The Shins or Death Cab for Cutie, but takes darker, more brooding dips for moody melodies that don't bring you down. In "The Bright Side," singer/songwriter Dina Waxman poignantly reminds listeners to keep a chin up even in the darkest times. "Hovercraft" and the bouncy-and-loud "Oh" exemplify the band's energetic side. "Past Tense" ends the album on a peaceful, chill note. At which point, you might just find yourself in The Happiest Place on Earth. And you won't even have to wait in line."
Daily Candy

"Like an overnight rocket ride to the outer reaches of angst, Space Mtn's debut album, A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You, shatters the Blue No. 2 pop-song sky with sweetly sung missives of heartbreak and hope. "Everywhere, everyone is pointing and making fun of me," singer-bassist Dina Waxman confesses on "Hovercraft." "I heard you were building a hovercraft for me. Looking forward to going somewhere... pretty." One part pep talk, one part suicide note, Waxman's lyrics deliver crushing reality over guitarist-keyboardist Chris Jacks' parfait-perfect soundscapes. Space Mtn takes away the sugary aftertaste of Top 40 teenage torment to reveal an unshakable unease with life. Catchy, too."
Derek Thomas, LA Weekly

"The perfect CD to pop in when you're in that mood is here. A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You is a work of melodic and dramatically haunting art that takes you on a journey through the pitfalls of love, lust and life. Dina Waxman and Chris Jacks, the duo that make up up Space Mtn, have completely lifted the veneer off the shiny music of the last few years and replaced it with a ghostly grittiness. Follow this album's twists and turns through the illuminations of young adulthood, and you'll wonder how you made it out the other end, or how you ever will. At least now you have a soundtrack to commemorate it." (4 stars!)
A.C., Zink Magazine

"Not to take anything away from that indoor coaster in Orange County, but L.A.-based trio Space Mtn offers some pretty cool twists of its own. Lead singer and bassist Dina Waxman and guitarist Chris Jacks take the group across cinematic soundscapes, anchored by Waxman's bass lines and Jacks' surprising guitar work. They share credit for the songs, which explore relationships with a sci-fi edge. "I write most of the songs beginning to end on the bass by myself," Waxman said. "Chris comes in and writes guitar parts and keyboard parts and orchestrates the strings and does a lot of drum programming." The group's debut album, "A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You," is due Sept. 6, but the track "Hovercraft" has received play on Indie 103.1. Now it's Autopia time. Space Mtn is on a brief drive-yourself West Coast tour... "I just purchased a brand-new car, a Honda Element, and that's what we're gonna be touring in," Waxman said. "There will be three of us (including new drummer Andrew Platts), and our gear. It's gonna be squishy." "
Frank Farrar, LA Times

"Fans of ax-grinding, female-led gate-crashers like the Breeders and Veruca Salt have a reason to look on "The Bright Side," thanks to Space Mtn and their mondo-chorus neck snapper."
Ryan Dombal, Entertainment Weekly

"You ever fall in love with someone but know you shouldn't?
You ever fall in love with someone who promises you the world?
You ever fall in love with someone because you can?
Space Mtn telegraphs what's in your heart. Honest. Complicated. Delicate. Trusting to a fault. It's a band of intensely talented humans that make some kind of sense of being human. And the licks are infectious not only because they stick in your brain on the 405. Their music is like a full on crush. You listen to it once in a bar in Silverlake and then you can't stop thinking about it."
James Bewley, Hammer Museum

"What's in the Los Angeles air (apart from way too much carbon monoxide) that makes even the struggling, DIY bands look and sound like they're just one rigged TRL away from mass market stardom? Space Mtn, with the hot librarian looks and open diary lyrics of lead singer Dina Waxman combined with multi-instrumentalist Chris Jacks' deft ear for melody and melancholy, are a case in point. The duo crafts ridiculously tender, ridiculously listenable pop music which, with or without a well-financed marketing push, will find daylight sooner or later. Watch your back, Hilary Duff... for real."
Sam Cannon,

“…quite stunning…”
Rough Trade Shop newsletter, London

"Space Mtn is the best new band that I have heard since Postal Service. Dina Waxman writes personal songs of universal truths. These are pop songs by people who have seen the darker side of life and love."
Nic Ratner, Host of "The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart" East Village Radio

"If Malkmus, Donnelly and Harvey had a three-headed baby, it'd be Space Mtn - dark, melodic, spare and poppy - the ideal combination (at least in my world!). I especially dig Waxman's vocals/lyrics - she's able to walk that tenuous line between vulnerable sexuality, playfulness and dead-on gorgeous rock, Chrissie Hynde-style. Well played! It's rare to see bands that drop the pretentious bullshit for 5 minutes and play straight-ahead rock so well and with such authenticity and with such a clear love for what they're doing. Awesome."
Jordan Sheehan


Space Mtn is Dina Waxman, Chris Jacks, and Andrew Platts. Dina writes the words, sings and plays bass. Chris plays guitar, baritone guitar, piano, keyboards, moog, glockenspiel, does drum programming, beat boxing, and sings backing vocals. Andrew hits the drums. They have recently released a full-length album that’s out now on this very website! Josh Freese (of A Perfect Circle, The Vandals, Devo, Guns N Roses, etc) played drums on the record. Scott Marcus (of Fly and Eden) also played drums on a couple songs. Joe Zimmerman and Josh Segal (of Brazzaville), and Katy Salvidge played strings on the record, and do the occasional live show with Space Mtn.

Before Space Mtn, Dina played bass and recorded with The Lemonheads; and she wrote songs, sang and played bass in NYC bands Three and Yuichi (who recorded an EP for the indie label Twitcher). She played briefly with Emma Peel and then with LA favorites Bedroom Walls, and was a founding member of PFFR, the avant-garde band of the creators of Wondershowzen! Dina also leads a double life in Hollywood, and has script supervised a number of films, including Fight Club. Chris wrote songs and played guitar in Fly, who made two records for RCA's Kneeling Elephant, and he toured the world with Sandra Bernhard. His double life in Hollywood has consisted of composing several film scores with Mike Simpson of The Dust Brothers. He is also currently writing and recording a solo project.

Space Mtn's debut album A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You is in stores now! CDs are also available on the buy page and at shows.